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  • 17 June 2020

About the community

Bringing asset managers from around the world together

At ORX, we're creating a community of asset managers who specialise in operational risk and who work at financial firms based all over the globe. By providing a platform for this community to meet, you have the chance to network with your peers from other organisations, share ideas and learn from each other.

Discuss key operational risk issues

We've inviting our community to join free, regular calls so you can discuss the important operational risk topics facing asset managers today. Each call focuses on one or two main areas, such as ICAAP, KRIs and coronavirus (Covid-19).

During these sessions, you have the chance to share your experiences, talk about challenges you're facing and share solutions. You'll be able to hear what other asset managers are focusing on and discuss trends and key operational risk topics.

Previous discussion summaries

ICAAP for Asset Managers – August 2019

This call focused on ICAAP for asset managers. Earlier in 2019, ORX conducted a study on methodologies used for operational risk quantification for ICAAP. The findings were discussed with the group and participants described their own approaches to quantifying operational risk for ICAAP. Scenarios were briefly discussed, as was regulatory interaction and feedback.

Risk Appetite and KRIs – November 2019

This meeting focused on establishing risk appetite and key risk indicators for monitoring risk appetite. Findings from a 2018 ORX study on measuring risk appetite where discussed, as well as common challenges that asset managers have experienced around establishing and assessing risk appetite metrics.

Scenarios for ICAAP – December 2019

Following our earlier call on ICAAP for Asset Managers, this call focused specially on scenarios. Attendees discussed questions around the identification and selection process, storyline development, scenario estimation and validation aspects.

Third party risk management and assessing the coronavirus pandemic – March 2020

Our first call in 2020 focused on common challenges around third party risk management. The key findings from ORX 2017 study on Managing outsourcing risks were presented to the group and discussed among participants.

Due to the timing, part of the conversations also focused on the coronavirus pandemic which started to affect an increasing number of countries and markets.

Managing the coronavirus pandemic – May 2020

Following up from our March call on coronavirus, this meeting gave participants the opportunity to talk to their peers about the effect of the pandemic and strategies for managing it. 

Discussion points included how firms responded to the changing environment, the changes that were made to allow operations to continue effectively, how firms are approaching the return to work.

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