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Our research studies support operational and non-financial risk management and measurement throughout the financial industry.

ORX members can take part in our projects for free. They also get access to all our completed reports and white papers. If your firm isn't a member of ORX, then you can still participate in our studies for a small fee.

Taking part in our projects brings lots of benefits. When you get involved in our research, you don't just get access to the results and analysis. You also get to collaborate with operational risk professionals from around the world and build a global network of peers and experts. Our participants tell us that they really value the opportunities we give them discuss ideas and challenges with ech other. 

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Operational Risk Horizon 2021
Melanie Lavallin
13 November 2020
The Operational Risk Horizon study will help financial firms understand which emerging risks they need to be aware of in 2021 and beyond. This year, the study will focus on emerging risks.
Material Risk Identification study
Sarah Reed
19 November 2020
In this study, ORX is aiming to understand the concepts and practice behind material risk identification programmes in the financial industry.
Exploring risk exposure methodologies
Annika Westphal
24 February 2020
ORX’s new initiative will advance the use of structured, risk-factor driven approaches to operational risk measurement. We’ll explore the current and potential use of the approaches and opportunities to collect and benchmark relevant risk factors.
CCAR Benchmark 2020
Sarah Reed
15 December 2020
The Comprehensive Capital Adequacy Review (CCAR) is an essential annual supervisory requirement for banks conducting business in the United States. Sign up now to receive an individual benchmark to see how your submission compares with your peers'.

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