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  • 22 November 2018

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Our new catalogue gives you an overview of our completed projects. It details the key findings, participants, and lists other reports of interest. You can get your own copy, and explore all our projects by contacting us

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About our research

Our research projects typically survey a wide range of participating financial institutions, taking on board their views and experiences of a particular subject matter. We then collate the findings, often with the support of a steering group, to produce a research report that is shared with its membership.

Research themes

Our research focuses on the broad areas of risk management and risk measurement. Within each of these, we have themes such as framework, risk appetite, scenarios, and capital allocation. We also cover standards and QA, regulation, and have research that explores key risks such as cyber and conduct. 

ORX research topics

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About the catalogue

The first section of our research catalogue provides an overview of key research themes and a brief description of each category. The research projects are grouped by these themes, under the broad areas of risk management and measurement. The catalogue provides an overview of each research project, highlighting the methodologies used and key findings, and has links to the full project report. There's also an index, which allows you find the projects by research topic.

You can explore some of our research on the research page. If you are an ORX member, you can access the rest of our research on our members website.

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