Operational Risk Horizon

  • 17 August 2017

The Operational Risk Horizon is a major new initiative from ORX offering two key benefits – the ability to benchmark your top current risks and to identify emerging risk trends.

Join the project

The project is about to launch, and is free for members and non-members of ORX to take part. We estimate it will take less than four hours to prepare and submit your data.

There's still time to sign up, so if you'd like to find out more contact us.

Evaluate and anticipate

Participating in the Operational Risk Horizon will provide you with insights into the industry's view of today’s operational risk profile and how it may change over the next three years.

You'll be able to assess your current, top operational risks by benchmarking against your peers, as well as identify emerging trends.

Benchmark your key operational risks

By taking part in the Operational Risk Horizon, you'll be able to identify and prioritise the most important risks facing your institution.

By comparing risks to those of your peers, you will be able to validate internal concerns and ensure full coverage of the current key operational risks and the trends driving these risks.

Survey the emerging risk horizon

Identifying new and emerging risks is a challenge consistently reported by our members. This programme will also help you to look forward and identify the most important emerging risks facing your institution and the wider industry over the coming three years.

    Operational Risk Horizon

    Key features

    • Focused, actionable information: Unlike other industry reports that have a wider business or banking scope, the Operational Risk Horizon focuses solely on top and emerging operational risks facing the financial services sector. Separate, focused reports will zoom in on top regional concerns.

    • Confidential and secure: Building on the emerging risk pilot studies we did in 2016, data will be collected securely and confidentially for aggregation and analysis by ORX. A series of follow-up interviews with participants will help surface new insights and contribute to a comprehensive, issue-by-issue focused report.

    • Free for ORX members: There's no charge to participate in the Operational Risk Horizon for ORX member firms.

    Take part

    Members and non-members of ORX can participate for free in the Operational Risk Horizon project.

    We estimate it will take no more than than four hours of effort. Contact us to find out more about participating.


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