Operational risk framework design

  • 18 January 2019

The operational risk discipline is shifting its focus to risk management. Understanding the operational risk frameworks that support this shift is now more important than ever before.

Find out how your frameworks compare

This new practice benchmark will enable participants to understand how their operational risk framework compares to others within the industry. Participants will be able to see if their framework is more or less complex than others and whether they are an outlier. The study provides a reference to defend their approach when required.

Our ambition is to present a range of practice and create a typical framework for reference.   

The project will also allow us to create a road-map for future practice standards. By using the submitted framework documents we will get an understanding of the coherence across the industry and the scope of individual framework elements, allowing us to create a suite of future practice benchmarks.

Practice benchmarks

We've developed a range of practice benchmarks on lots of different topics, including controls, outsourcing and risk appetite.

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