Operational risk strategic development

Strategic development:
Thinking big picture about op risk

In addition to supporting with the day-to-day management and measurement of operational and non-financial risk, we also support with op risk strategy development.

From exploring a new structure for operational risk, to looking at what trends are on the horizon, we encourage big picture thinking about the discipline. 

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Reimagining Operational Risk
Simon Wills
29 July 2020
The financial services industry is undergoing a period of rapid change. Find out more about our new initiative, Reimagining Operational Risk.
Operational Risk Horizon 2020
10 February 2020
Download the ORX Operational Risk Horizon 2020 report to find out the top operational and non-financial risks for 2020 and beyond.
Thought leadership
Risk-managing change
Simon Wills
26 June 2019
In collaboration with McKinsey & Company, we interviewed 16 Chief Risk Officers from leading financial organisations to see how they are managing change. Download the report and Checklist for Change to find out more.
Operational Risk Horizon 2019
18 January 2018
Benchmark your top current operational risks against your peers and identify emerging operational risk trends with the ORX Operational Risk Horizon study.
Umbrella phase 2: role and scope of operational risk
Sarah Reed
28 March 2019
The development of operational risk into an 'umbrella' function was a key observation in the Future of Operational Risk study and was explored in our 2018 umbrella study. We're now extending this work to the rest of our membership.
Operational Risk: The Umbrella Function
Luke Carrivick
22 August 2019
At ORX we're exploring this concept of operational risk as an umbrella function with our membership. We interviewed and surveyed 13 institutions to discover the how the umbrella approach was being implemented, the benefits and the challenges.
Operational Risk Horizon 2018
John Mears
21 March 2018
The Operational Risk Horizon was a new initiative from ORX offering two key benefits – the ability to benchmark your top current risks and to identify emerging risk trends.
The future of operational risk
Simon Wills
9 November 2017
In 2016 we began a study with McKinsey. We aimed to identify the strategic challenges that financial firms must address if they are to manage operational risk more effectively. Find out the results.
Future of loss information
Esther Britton
6 July 2017
Throughout 2017 we're running a project reviewing how loss information could evolve to meet the changing requirements of operational risk management.
Understanding emerging risk
John Mears
28 October 2016
In 2016, we began work to enhance industry understanding of how emerging risks are defined, identified and assessed and the structures in place to support this activity.

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Op risk strategic development

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