Operational risk measurement and data

Op risk measurement & data:
Supporting effective analysis

ORX supports operational and non-financial risk professionals to collect, measure and analyse data in an effective way that’s consistent with industry best practice. 

Our risk measurement area covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Capital methodology
  • Capital calculation
  • Capital benchmarking
  • Models
  • Correlations and dependencies
  • Stress testing (CCAR and EBA)

Our members use this information to benchmark their levels of capital and to compare their approach with their peers and the wider industry.

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Ongoing operational risk measurement research

CCAR benchmark 2020
Sarah Reed
1 July 2020
The Comprehensive Capital Adequacy Review (CCAR) is an essential annual supervisory requirement for banks conducting business in the United States. Sign up now to receive an individual benchmark to see how your submission compares with your peers'.
Exploring risk exposure methodologies
Annika Westphal
24 February 2020
ORX’s new initiative will advance the use of structured, risk-factor driven approaches to operational risk measurement. We’ll explore the current and potential use of the approaches and opportunities to collect and benchmark relevant risk factors.

Operational risk measurement study reports and results

CCAR benchmark 2019
Sarah Reed
12 March 2019
This study benchmarked CCAR operational risk modelling methods and outputs. It also included topics such as risk identification, scenario analysis, forecasting of legal losses, incorporating results into business as usual activities and top challenges.
ICAAP methodology study
Annika Westphal
5 June 2019
Get the ICAAP methodology summary report to find out about the range of methodologies used when quantifying operational risk capital for ICAAP.
CCAR benchmark 2018
Sarah Reed
18 January 2019
Following the success of the CCAR benchmark 2017, we are kicking off this year's benchmark study.
Insurance Operational Risk Loss Data Report 2020
Steve Bishop
23 July 2020
Our latest report on the insurance operational risk loss data in the ORX databases show that operational risk losses have decreased in the financial sector for another year running. Read the report for trends and analysis of the data.
Banking Operational Risk Loss Data Report 2020
Sarah Astill
23 July 2020
Our latest report on the banking operational risk loss data in the ORX databases show that operational risk losses have decreased in the financial sector for another year running. Read the report for trends and analysis of the data.
Progress and challenges in model risk management
Annika Westphal
21 December 2018
Model risk is receiving increased attention from financial firms and regulators. Our report looks at model risk management practices and the progress that has been made since our 2016 study on this operational risk topic.
EU-wide stress test benchmark 2018
Annika Westphal
31 May 2018
In 2018, we conducted a survey on the methodologies used in the operational risk component with 27 banks. Find out more and download the study summary.
CCAR benchmark 2017
Annika Westphal
13 March 2018
We ran this study for the third time to provide interested institutions with a benchmark of methodology and model outputs for their 2017 CCAR submissions. See what we found out.
Future of loss information
Esther Britton
6 July 2017
Throughout 2017 we're running a project reviewing how loss information could evolve to meet the changing requirements of operational risk management.
AMA model stability study 2014
Luke Carrivick
23 March 2017
In 2014 we performed a study to understand the factors that influenced how comparable the outputs of Members' AMA models were. Find out what we discovered.
Capital Methodology survey 2016
Matthew Rees
17 January 2017
Every two years we carry out the Capital Methodology survey. It provides a detailed analysis of how the industry is building capital models, covering a wide range of model building aspects.
Industry statement
Capital impact of the SMA
Luke Carrivick
27 May 2016
Our response to Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's (BCBS) proposed Standardised Measurement Approach for Pillar I operational risk capital. Including our SMA capital requirements benchmark report, ORX Capital impact of the SMA.

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Op risk measurement & data

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