Operational risk management

Op risk management:
Supporting you with day-to-day practices

ORX enables better day-to-day management of operational and non-financial risk in financial services organisations, including being able to assess your practices against others.

Our operational risk management work includes research studies and practice benchmarks that guide your practice and enhance your understanding of operational risk. Subjects covered include:

  • Risk appetite
  • Controls
  • Risk assessment
  • Key risk indicators (KRIs)
  • Outsourcing/third party management

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Operational risk management research

Insights into material risks: Scenario library summary 2019
Giuseppe Aloi
16 September 2019
Each year, we analyse our scenario library and produce a summary report on the results. Read the summary report for key trends and highlights.
Developing an industry op risk taxonomy: phase two
Steve Bishop
13 September 2019
We've begun work on delivering an updated operational/non-financial risk (NFR) reference taxonomy. This follows a lot of interest from our members after our 2018 taxonomy project.
RCSA practice benchmark
Sarah Reed
27 March 2019
Sign up now to participate in the RCSA practice benchmark. This study will identify the range of practice around RCSAs and provide participants with individual maturity benchmarks.
Practice benchmark
Op risk framework design practice benchmark
Esther Renfrew
18 January 2019
Understand how your operational risk framework compares to others within the industry. This practice benchmark presents a range of practice and has created a typical framework for reference.
Developing an industry op risk taxonomy: phase one
Nick Benson
15 July 2019
Our major new initiative helped to develop a reference industry operational risk taxonomy. Use our reference taxonomy to see how yours compares.
Practice benchmark
Outsourcing risk practice benchmark
Sarah Reed
29 October 2018
What does outsourcing do to your operational risk profile? Part of practice benchmark programme, this study identified common and best practices in managing the risk of a firm's outsourced/third-party portfolio.
Practice benchmark
Control management practice benchmark
Annika Westphal
18 September 2018
In this practice benchmark study, we looked at maturity in control management. Our practice benchmarks support new data exchange, increasing the efficiency and credibility of practice, and informing supervisory policy and practice.
Practice benchmark
Operational risk appetite with consequence 2017
Esther Renfrew
9 March 2018
The industry is progressing, but challenges remain. Our study helped to better understand the state of operational risk appetite within the financial services industry. See what we found out.
Understanding control management practices 2017
Nick Benson
28 November 2017
Controls help an organisation to operate effectively, comply with policies, produce dependable information and conform with regulation. This research explored control frameworks are managed and the type of related data collected.
The future of operational risk
Simon Wills
9 November 2017
In 2016 we began a study with McKinsey. We aimed to identify the strategic challenges that financial firms must address if they are to manage operational risk more effectively. Find out the results.
How do banks manage model risk in 2016?
Paul Minter
28 October 2016
This Snap Survey report explores how banks define, manage and mitigate model risk.

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Op risk management

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