Material risks in focus

Material risks in focus

ORX runs research studies, working groups and larger programmes of work looking in more detail at specific material risks, for example cyber. 

Take a look at all of the content ORX has published related to specific material risks.

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Roles and responsibilities in cyber and information security risk management
Melanie Lavallin
24 September 2019
We surveyed 25 financial institutions establish where cyber and information security risk management responsibilities sit across the three lines of defence, and to identify those areas where there is confusion. See what we found out.
Cyber and information security risk definitions
Melanie Lavallin
4 July 2019
Working with participants of the ORX Cyber and information security risk (CISR) programme, we have created definitions for cyber and information security risk that we'll use throughout the project.
Understanding Conduct Risk Practices
John Mears
25 June 2018
Although there is no common understanding of conduct risk, progress is being made our study on conduct risk showed. We explored its interaction with the operational risk management framework and the shared challenges faced by the industry.
Practice benchmark
Outsourcing risk practice benchmark
Sarah Reed
29 October 2018
What does outsourcing do to your operational risk profile? Part of practice benchmark programme, this study identified common and best practices in managing the risk of a firm's outsourced/third-party portfolio.
How do banks manage model risk in 2016?
Paul Minter
28 October 2016
This Snap Survey report explores how banks define, manage and mitigate model risk.

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Material risks in focus

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