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ORX Select:
Participate in ORX activities without being a member or service subscriber

Your financial institution doesn't need to be a member or subscribe to one of our premium services to access support with operational risk management. ORX Select provides a number of ways to get involved with our activities for a one-off fee. 

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What can you take part in?

Research studies
When you get involved in our research, you don't just get access to the results and analysis. You also get to collaborate with operational risk professionals from around the world.
Regional loss data service
As well as our global member-only service, we offer regional loss data services which are available for any banks based in certain countries to sign up to.
Practice benchmarks
Benchmark your practices to the wider industry, so that you understand how you operate in comparison with your peers and where you can improve.
“Going beyond pure data exchange is highly valuable for us, as research, benchmarking and active exchange among members support us in keeping on track in the operational risk environment.”
ORX member
A record-breaking
firms took part in the RCSA practice benchmark
ORX has
regional loss data services you can participate in
In 2018, over
individual participants took part in our research

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