The ORX Scenarios Library 2022

  • 9 August 2022

"The ORX Scenario Library is used a reference as well as a guide to identify relevant scenario topics trending across the globe and our local geography. Sometimes, these topics help us to drive internal discussions with stakeholders to identify unexpected risks and associated narratives."
ORX Scenarios subscriber

The ORX Scenarios Library is a comprehensive database for scenario practitioners, allowing ORX Scenarios subscribers to backtest their own internal scenarios against the industry.

Every year, each financial institution that subscribes to ORX Scenarios shares their most severe scenarios through our secure Insight platform. After rigorous quality assurance, we then publish a database of anonymised scenarios with accompanying reports. Our subscribers currently have access to almost 800 scenarios across different business lines, sizes and regions shared by over 50 financial firms.

How does the library help scenario practice?

"We chiefly use the ORX Scenario library to support the process of the assessment of the most significant scenarios. The risk drivers and the cost components facilitate the estimations of the SMEs."
ORX Scenarios subscriber

The ORX Scenario Library helps you see how your scenarios compare to those of your peers. You can use the scenarios in the library in workshops as examples and to facilitate discussion. You can also benchmark your submissions and compare severity estimates. To make this easy for our subscribers we've created some standard reports.

Scenario list and scenario cards

These reports let you download each individual scenario from the library, so you can use them as examples and to prompt discussions.

Scenario portfolio report

With this report, you can identify gaps in your scenarios and see if your estimations are in line with the rest of the industry.

Scenario focus report

This report provides a detailed comparison of your scenarios with others in the same category. 

Access the library with ORX Scenarios

As well as access to a unique industry library, ORX Scenarios provides you with research, practice benchmark studies and guides to creating scenarios. By subscribing to the service, you also become part of a specialist global practitioner network that share ideas and discuss challenges and solutions. You don't need to be a member of ORX to subscribe to ORX Scenarios.

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