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Save time and money and improve your scenario practice

Scenarios are a key factor in measuring and managing operational risk across the financial services industry. ORX Scenarios gives subscribers the tools, resources and knowledge they need for effective scenario identification, assessment, quantification and validation practices. With ORX Scenarios, you can compare your scenario portfolio and methods against your peers to ensure full coverage of the most relevant scenarios. You can also become part of an active global community of operational risk scenario experts who meet regularly to solve challenges, discuss ideas and share expertise.

ORX Scenarios is driven by our participants, who set the priorities and focus. This influences the research projects and tools we develop to help support them in their work.


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Scenario library
A library containing almost 800 quality scenarios from the leading financial services firms globally.
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Scenario development handbooks
Support for creating and quantifying scenarios for specific risks, such as cyber.
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Forum & discussion groups
A global scenario practitioner network, including free invitation-only events such as our global Scenario & Analytics Forum and regular Scenarios working group.
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Scenario practice benchmark studies
Our practice benchmarks allow you to compare specific practices against your peers. You receive an individual report, in addition to a general report of the whole ORX Scenarios group.
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Risk intelligence packs
Ready-made packs of external information to support scenario development.
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Hot-topic research
Developing useful materials to support and improve your internal scenario process.

The Scenario Library

By subscribing to ORX Scenarios, you gain access to our Scenario Library. The Scenario Library is a comprehensive database for scenario practitioners – subscribers can use it to compare and benchmark their scenarios, to help them create new scenarios and more.

"The ORX Scenario Library is used as a reference as well as a guide to identify relevant scenario topics trending across the globe and our local geography. Sometimes, these topics help us to drive internal discussions with stakeholders to identify unexpected risks and associated narratives."
ORX Scenarios subscribing firm

The library currently contains almost 800 scenarios across different business lines, sizes and regions.

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Latest news
Podcasts: Greenwashing Scenario Toolkit, top 5 losses and a focus on the 2022 Year in Review findings
Marina Vissaridis
16 March 2023
The latest episodes of the ORX Operational Risk Podcast are now available. In episode 28, the ORX News team look at the latest op risk losses and findings from the 2022 Year in Review report. Episode 29 covers our recent Scenarios Greenwashing Toolkit.
ORX Scenarios: Insights into Material Risks 2022
Simon Johnson
14 December 2022
The Insights into Material Risks report from ORX Scenarios analyses the trends identified in the 2022 scenario library. Download your free copy of the report today to learn about the key trends in scenario practice.
ORX Scenarios
The ORX Scenarios Library 2022
Simon Johnson
9 August 2022
The ORX Scenarios library is a database of operational risk scenarios shared by subscribers to the service. Find out how it can support scenario practice at your firm.
ORX Scenarios: Insights into Material Risks 2021 report front cover
ORX Scenarios
ORX Scenarios: Insights into Material Risks 2021
Giuseppe Aloi
23 November 2021
Find out the key trends in operational risk scenario practice in 2021. Key themes include conduct, resilience and digitilisation.
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Why do financial firms subscribe to ORX Scenarios?

Stress testing
ORX Scenarios is used by our subscribers to improve stress testing, particularly as a way of capturing the impact under extreme stresses
Compare your scenario portfolio and methods against your peers to ensure full coverage of the most relevant scenarios
Regulatory capital calculation
ORX Scenarios subscribers use the service to support with ICAAP calculations
Driven by participants
The ORX Scenarios Working Group set the priorities and focus, influencing the tools and resources we develop

ORX Scenarios pricing

The annual subscription fee for ORX Scenarios in 2023 is £21,500 per institution. Or, if your firm is currently a member of ORX then you pay just £10,100, saving over 50% on the full price! Book a short call to find out how the service can support scenario practice at your firm.


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ORX Scenarios is open to members and non-members of ORX. If you'd like to find out more about the service please contact us.

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