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ORX Scenarios:
Save time and money and improve your scenario practice

Scenarios are a key factor in measuring and managing operational risk across the financial services industry. ORX Scenarios is a unique resource that effectively addresses practitioners’ needs of scenario identification, assessment, quantification and validation practices. You can compare your scenario portfolio and methods against your peers to ensure full coverage of the most relevant scenarios.

The scenario programme is driven by its participants, who set the priorities and focus. This influences the research projects and tools we develop to help support them in their work.

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What are the benefits of ORX Scenarios?

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Scenario library
A library containing over 1000 quality scenarios from the leading financial services firms globally.
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Scenario development handbooks
Support for creating and quantifying scenarios for specific risks, such as cyber.
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Forum & discussion groups
A global scenario practitioner network, including free invitation-only events such as our global Scenario & Analytics Forum and regular Scenarios working group.
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Scenario practice benchmark studies
Our practice benchmarks allow you to compare specific practices against your peers. You receive an individual report, in addition to a general report of the whole ORX Scenarios group.
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Risk intelligence packs
Ready-made packs of external information to support scenario development.
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Hot-topic research
Developing useful materials to support and improve your internal scenario process.
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The Scenario Library - benchmark against the industry

By subscribing to ORX Scenarios, you gain access to our Scenario Library. The Scenario Library is a comprehensive tool for scenario practitioners – allowing participants to back test their own internal scenarios against the industry.

Every year, each participant submits their most important scenarios through our secure Insight platform. After rigorous quality assurance a database of anonymised scenarios is published with accompanying reports.

Participants currently have access to over 1,000 scenarios across different business lines, sizes and regions.

Free content from ORX Scenarios

Six trends from the ORX Scenarios library in 2019
Giuseppe Aloi
6 December 2019
Since 2017, institutions have submitted more than 1,100 operational risk scenarios to the ORX Scenarios library. Read on for the key trends and insights from the library in 2019.
Insights into material risks: Scenario library summary 2019
Giuseppe Aloi
16 September 2019
Each year, we analyse our scenario library and produce a summary report on the results. Read the summary report for key trends and highlights.
Five key elements for creating an op risk scenario storyline
Giuseppe Aloi
4 September 2019
Learn how to develop comprehensive scenario storylines. This blog focuses on cyber-related data breach.
How do scenarios help improve op risk management?
Luke Carrivick
3 June 2019
We asked our Head of Research and Information, Dr Luke Carrivick, a few questions about using scenarios as a method for improving operational risk management.

Why subscribe to ORX Scenarios?

Stress testing
ORX Scenarios is used by our members to improve stress testing, particularly as a way of capturing the impact under extreme stresses.
Compare your scenario portfolio and methods against your peers to ensure full coverage of the most relevant scenarios
Regulatory capital calculation
ORX Scenarios subscribers use the service to support with ICAAP calculations.
Driven by participants
The ORX Scenarios group participants set the priorities and focus. This influences the research projects and tools we develop to help support them in their work.

ORX Scenarios pricing

The annual fee for ORX Scenarios is £17,000 per year (£8,500 per year for current ORX members). To find out more about how the service can help your firm or to book a free trial, contact us today.

Subscribe to ORX Scenarios

ORX Scenarios is open to members and non-members of ORX. If you'd like to find out more about the service, or how to subscribe, please contact us.

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