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Whether you’re looking to enrich your operational risk loss data, train employees on what could happen or enhance your scenario development, ORX News can help.

ORX News is an industry-leading provider of publicly reported operational risk loss events from around the world. It is a single source for data and analysis, specifically covering the banking, insurance and asset management sectors, plus large cyber loss events from other industries.

“We leverage the ORX News service to a great extent, not only to inform our scenario analysis program but also to inform our business risk committees.”
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Speedy global media scanning
A team of specialist researchers seek out loss events from the global financial sector, which you are then able to access on our platform within 72 hours (24 hours for the headline).
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Detailed yet concise summary articles
The team writes a summary piece on each loss event which provides you with all of the key details from an operational risk perspective, in addition to links for each of the source articles.
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Easy searching & reporting
ORX News categorises all events so that you can do advanced searches easily. You can filter loss events by category, e.g. business line or event type, or search by keyword. You can also export reports.
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Customised to your interests
Save filters and set your own notifications. Decide yourself what kind of events you want to be notified about (with numerous filters to choose from), whether to receive email alerts, and how often.
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Free Deep Dives
You can commission up to three longer “Deep Dive” pieces per year on anything you’re particularly interested in, as well as access over 100 existing deep dives.
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More cyber events
Since 2018, ORX News has captured high-impact cyber events at firms outside the financial services sector to provide you with even more insight into this high priority risk.
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Integrate with your system
Automatically pull ORX News data into your own system (e.g. your GRC platform) with an API. Use the API to seamlessly pull through information and enhance your existing reports and dashboards.
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Uses ORX Reference Taxonomy
Filter the ORX News stories using categories that reflect current operational risk practice. Each ORX News story now has a level 2 value taken from the ORX Reference Taxonomy.

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The annual subscription for ORX News in 2022 is £35,000 per institution (remember, you can set up an unlimited number of users from your organisation). Or, if your firm is currently a member of ORX then you pay just £20,950, saving over £10,000 a year! To find out more about how the service can help your firm or to book a free trial, contact us today.

"We rely very heavily on the ORX News database for our scenario modelling. This increases in importance as a number of regulators push towards forward-looking scenarios and away from anonymised/ generalised loss data analytics."
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Current subscribers log into ORX News here | See if your firm subscribes and request access
Top 5 chart December 2021
ORX News
5 largest operational risk losses: December 2021
Lily Richardson
12 January 2022
Discover the 5 largest op risk loss events recorded by the ORX News team in December 2021. This month's top 5 includes a fine by FCA for AML failures, a fine for failing to retain staff messages, and a fine for participating in FX spot trading cartel.
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Podcast: Top 5 losses of 2021 from ORX News
Esther Britton
21 December 2021
Our latest podcast is now available - listen to this short, end of year episode from the ORX News team rounding up the five largest operational risk losses of 2021.
ORX News
5 largest operational risk losses: November 2021
Lily Richardson
9 December 2021
Discover the 5 largest op risk loss events recorded by the ORX News team in November 2021. This month's top 5 includes a fine for alleged breach of US sanctions, a theft of developer’s private keys in phishing attack and a fine for misleading investors.
Lightening storm
ORX News
ORX News Deep Dive: Colpipe pay $4.4m ransom
John Bosnell
17 September 2021
Download the free operational risk Deep Dive from ORX News to find out why Colpipe paid a ransom of $4.4m following a cyber attack that disrupted their operations.
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How do financial firms use ORX News?

Scenario generation
Help to generate realistic scenarios and audit your scenario portfolio.
Trends and analysis
Run regular reports to identify and monitor risk trends.
Awareness and training
Build awareness of the types of losses across the industry.
Challenge the business
Use losses to challenge business colleagues’ perceptions of their risk profile.

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