Top 5 ORX News Losses: Q3 2020

  • 12 October 2020
Text on blue background saying July-September Operational Risk Losses Q3 2020

Do you know which op risk loss events have had the most impact recently? Read on for the 5 largest operational risk losses reported by ORX News in Q3 2020.

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1. JPMorgan Chase – $920.2m

JPMorgan Chase agrees to pay USD 920.2 million for spoofing metals and US Treasury markets.

2. LCF – $236.5m

Investors sue LCF for GBP 178 million over alleged mini-bond fraud.

3. Rabobank – $189.3m 

Rabobank loses up to EUR 160 million after Mexican government seizes ship collateral. 

4. Mutual of Omaha – $6.7m 

Mutual of Omaha agrees to pay USD 6.7 million to settle class action suit over ERISA breaches.

5. Macquarie – $5.1m

Macquarie pays AUD 7 million over advisers inflating value of company shares to investors. 

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1. Citigroup – $520.4m

Citigroup mistakenly pays USD 900 million to Revlon lenders in clerical error.

2. Bank of Nova Scotia – $127.4m

Scotiabank agrees to pay over USD 127.4 million to settle over commodities price manipulation.

3. TD Bank Group – $122m 

TD Bank to pay USD 122 million restitution over overdraft enrollment practices. 

4. Capital One – $80m 

Capital One fined USD 80 million for failing to establish cyber risk management processes. 

5. Interactive Brokers Group – $38.7m

Interactive Brokers fined USD 38.7 million for SAR reporting failures and AML failures. 

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1. Goldman Sachs Group – $2.5bn

Goldman Sachs agrees to pay USD 2.5 billion to the Government of Malaysia over 1MDB fraud.

2. Deutsche Bank – $150m 

Deutsche Bank fined USD 150 million for compliance failures over Epstein, FBME and Danske.

3. American International Group – $39.9m 

VFA to pay USD 40 million to settle SEC charges over retirement plans disclosure failures. 

4. Credit Suisse – $15.5m

Credit Suisse settles for USD 15.5 million with pension funds over debt write-downs.

5. UBS – $10m

UBS pay USD 10 million for circumventing retail investor priority in municipal bond offering. 

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