Top 5 ORX News Losses: Q2 2020

  • 15 July 2020
Text on blue background saying April-June Operational Risk Losses Q2 2020

Do you know which op risk loss events have had the most impact recently? Read on for the 5 largest operational risk losses reported by ORX News in Q1 2020.

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1. SEB Group – $107.3m

SEB fined SEK 1 billion by FI for deficiencies in its AML measures in Baltic operations.

2. MetLife – $84m

MetLife pays USD 84 million for misrepresenting the value of its reserves to investors.

3. JPMorgan Chase & Co. – $62.5m

Chase Bank pays USD 62.5 million over improper fees and illegal interest rates for soldiers. 

4. Postbank (South Africa) – $62.1m

Postbank incurs USD 62 million loss after employees print and steal master key. 

5. Commerzbank – $47.7m

Commerzbank fined GBP 37.8 million by FCA for anti money laundering control failures. 

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1. Morgan Stanley – $45.5m

Morgan Stanley to pay up to EUR 42 million to Dutch tax authorities over alleged cum ex deals. 

2. Norfund – $10.0m

Norfund defrauded of USD 10 million loan in fake email scam.

3. Bloomberg Tradebook – $5.0m

Bloomberg Tradebook fined USD 5 million by SEC for trade order routing misrepresentations.

4. MSSB – $5.0m

MSSB to pay USD 5 million for misleading customers about charges for trade execution services.

5. Stifel – $3.6m

Stifel pay over USD 3.6 million for giving misleading and inaccurate information on UITs.

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1. IBK – $86.0m

IBK pays USD 86 million for allowing over USD 1 billion to be illegally sent to Iran. 

2. Wells Fargo – $35.5m

Wells Fargo to pay USD 33.5 million settling claims it failed to offer loan modifications.

3. Bank Hapoalim – $30.1m

Bank Hapoalim to pay USD 30.1 million for role in FIFA bribery and money laundering scheme.

4. FS – $23.1m

FS ordered to pay CAD 32.8 million by BCSC over selling and unregistered trading of securities.

5. Guaranteed Rate – $15.1m

Guaranteed Rate to pay USD 15.1 million for non-compliance with FCA and FIRREA standards.

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