ORX News digest of the month – November 2019

  • 5 December 2019

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JPMorgan agrees to pay USD 3.8 million class action settlement over unpaid overtime

JPMorgan Chase preliminarily agreed to pay $3.8m to settle class-action claims that it had failed to remunerate call centre staff for work carried out off the clock. A complaint was first filed in 2017 under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

From 14 December 2014, JP Morgan allegedly failed to pay straight time and overtime wages, pay the minimum wage, provide accurate wage statements, provide meal and rest breaks, and maintain accurate records. The firm was also accused of wage theft, improper wage payments, and improper wage deductions.

JPMorgan’s policy allegedly required that all call centre employees were ready to take a phone call the moment their official shift started. This required them to turn on their computers, start up to 10 separate programs, and log in, which took up to an hour. This meant that every week, employees worked between two and a half to five hours without compensation.

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