Monthly Top 5 ORX News Losses – March 2018

  • 9 April 2018

1. Anbang Insurance – $11.9bn

Former Anbang Insurance chairman embezzles CNY 75.25 billion in illegally-raised funds and insurance premium income.

2. Union Bank of India – $48m

Union Bank of India allegedly defrauded of INR 3.14 billion in loan fraud scheme involving eight banks.

3. Bank of America – $42m

Bank of America fined USD 42 million over various fraudulent practices relating to its electronic trading services.

4. Bank of New York Mellon – $35m

BNY Mellon reaches settlement in concession fees valued at USD 35 million over alleged mismanagement of trust assets.

5. State Bank of India – $32.9m

State Bank of India defrauded of INR 2.15 billion in commercial loans made by consortium of banks.

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March 2018

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