Messaging app to pay USD 18.5 million over unregistered offering of securities

  • 10 July 2020

ORX News story of the month: June 2020

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Telegram to pay USD 18.5 million over unregistered offering of securities

Messaging app Telegram was fined $18.5m by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for an illegal offering of securities between January 2018 and March 2018.

Under the purchase agreement, Telegram’s subsidiary, TON Issuer, was to issue a new cryptocurrency called “Grams”. The SEC did not consider “Grams” a cryptocurrency as there were not any products or services that could be purchased with Grams. Instead, the SEC found that Grams were a security, as investors expected that they would profit from purchasing Grams, if Telegram delivered on the promised functionalities. Telegram had hoped to use the proceeds from selling Grams to fund the development of its new blockchain technology and had planned a secondary offering of Grams in October 2019. 

As the SEC considered Grams a security, it was able to secure an injunction against the secondary offering of Grams, as Telegram had failed to file a registration statement with the regulator. In addition, purchasers of Grams would not receive any documentation about Telegram’s operations, financial condition, or other relevant factors. 

In consenting to the final judgement, Telegram agreed to pay a civil penalty of $18.5m. Furthermore, the judgment ordered Telegram to repay $1.22bn of “ill-gotten” gains to its investors. 

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Business line: Trading & Sales
Event type: Clients, Products & Business Practices
Loss amount: USD 18,500,000.00
Country: United States
Scenario category: Retail Mis-selling

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