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We have established, and continue to grow, a global community that represents the broadest and deepest pool of experience of operational risk in financial services.

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We believe that we are stronger together and that many heads are better than one. This ethos is evident in all our work.

Our network is built through the relationships we develop at Board meetings, working groups and forums, which is one of the major strengths of our association.

Hundreds of operational risk experts from around the world took part in our work in 2017 – specialists in modelling, loss collection and categorisation, scenarios, key risk indicators, cyber, controls framework and fraud. More than 200 people attended our annual forums, and this number is expected to increase next year. Hundreds more took part in our working groups, research projects, and other meetings.

A membership of almost
financial institutions
In 2017 over
professionals attended ORX events
More than
operational risk experts

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