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ORX Membership:
Welcome to the world's largest operational risk association

"ORX is our lifeline in the industry"
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Join more than 100 financial organisations who have chosen to manage operational and non-financial risk with ORX.

With ORX Membership, you can take part in research and benchmarks focused on operational risk, access our unique global loss data services and collaborate with fellow operational risk professionals based all around the world. You'll become part of a community of professionals at the forefront of developing operational risk management around the world.

Did you know?

In our latest annual survey of our members, 100% said they would recommend ORX and 99% rated the value of ORX Membership as good to excellent.

“Going beyond pure data exchange is highly valuable for us, as research, benchmarking and active exchange among members supports us in keeping on track in the operational risk environment.”
 ORX member firm

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What you get with ORX Membership

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Global loss data exchange
The only global service for banking and insurance firms that exchanges high-quality data, relating to operational risk losses, in a completely secure and anonymised way.
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Reports, studies & white papers
Take part in studies that supports effective operational risk management and measurement and access over 100 reports and white papers.
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Events, forums & roundtables
Free, invitation-only opportunities to share knowledge, experience and expertise with peers across a wide range of operational risk-related topics.
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Practice benchmarking
Understand practice in key areas of operational risk management, including a personalised benchmark report comparing your firm to your peers.
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Operational risk working groups
Be part of an ORX working group that meets regularly with fellow risk professionals to discuss a specific operational/non-financial risk topic.
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Join a community of 100+ firms
Become part of a global group of financial firms working together to improve and advance the management and measurement of operational risk.

Who can become an ORX member?

ORX Membership is only open to financial organisations on an institutional basis (we don't offer membership to individuals). To join ORX, you need to be able to submit data in line with the ORX Operational Risk Reporting Standards so that you can take part in our global loss data services.

We work with over 100 of the world's largest banks and insurance companies, and always welcome new members to ORX. If you're interested in joining but are not sure if you would meet the requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Why do financial organisations join ORX?

Access a global network
Join a vibrant and collaborative group that shares experience, expertise and insights into the issues that confront all risk managers.
Benchmark your organisation
Financial institutions join ORX to understand how their practices and performance compares to others in the industry.
Be part of the bigger picture
Being part of ORX gives you a powerful influence over the future direction of operational risk.
Better manage internal practices
Everything we do is developed with the specific purpose of helping make it easier for you and your teams to manage operational risk more effectively.
More than
years of knowledge
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A network of over
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ORX Membership

Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more about becoming a member of the world's largest operational risk association.

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