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Working groups

Collaborating to expand the boundaries of op risk management

At ORX, our vision is for the financial sector to work together to improve and innovate operational risk management. This is why we believe it is so important for our members and subscribers to talk to each other about the operational risk issues facing the industry today.

While our events give participants the chance to meet face-to-face, our working groups enable ORX members to interact on areas they are especially knowledgeable or interested in through regular calls and webinars.

A selection of our current working groups

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Analytics working group
This group discusses the quantitative use of ORX data and the development of analytical tools and research.
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ORX Cyber working group
This group guides the ORX Cyber service development, sharing knowledge on cyber risk.
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Definitions working group
This group develops and evolves the ORX standards and definitions for both the banking and insurance sectors.
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Scenarios working group
This group is open to institutions who subscribe to ORX Scenarios. They discuss relevant scenario topics.

Why take part in an ORX working group?

A unique opportunity to work together
For many of our members, our working groups are one of the few chances they get to collaborate with other operational risk experts. We, and our members, see this as one of the key elements that will help us achieve our vision.
Influence op risk discipline and research studies
Being part of a working group makes you directly involved with the development of the operational risk discipline. In addition, you can help ORX to define research study parameters, decide survey methodology, and discuss the results.

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