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Global loss data exchange:
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“The high-quality data we receive from ORX is an essential part of our approach to measuring operational risk."
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Our global database was why ORX was originally established,. While we do much more than this today, operational risk loss data remains a core service from ORX.

Our global loss data exchange services give the financial organisations who make up our membership access to many different reports, including benchmarks and loss event severity reports. Some of the reports are further broken down by business line. You can use these reports for modelling and risk management. 

In order to share high-quality data it's essential that everyone uses the same terms and definitions. The ORX banking and insurance operational risk reporting standards have become the industry guideline – find out more about the standards. We also operate a quality assurance framework to ensure that the data meets the standards required by our member firms.

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    ORX Global Loss Data Exchange Service
    ORX global banking loss data service
    Established in 2002, the ORX global banking service has over 80 members and a database of more than 900,000 loss events totalling over €540bn.
    ORX Global Loss Data Exchange Service
    ORX global insurance loss data service
    Established in 2015, the ORX global insurance service has over 20 members and a database of more than 11,000 loss events totalling over €7.4bn.

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    Public reports on ORX loss data

    Banking annual public loss report

    Our annual public gobal banking loss report summarises our loss database and illustrates trends in operational risk losses.

    Insurance annual public loss report

    This annual report on the ORX insurance operational risk loss database shows trends in operational risk losses within the insurance and reinsurance industry.

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