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Global forums and roundtables:
Meet experts, discuss challenges and share solutions

Based around a challenging attendee-driven agenda, all ORX events encourage collaboration and drive operational risk practice and theory forward.

Bringing the industry together

We foster a culture of collaboration, openness and trust at all our events. Not only does this open exchange let participants share and learn from each other, it also helps them get an idea of where they stand in comparison to their peers and the wider industry.

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"ORX events are about exchange among members, not just about teaching best practice"
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“It is always interesting to see what other firms are doing and see how op risk is developing”
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Highlights from recent events

Latest news
ORX hosts its third North American Insurance Forum
Steve Bishop
8 August 2019
In late June, representatives from 15 insurers, as well as the NAIC, met in New York for the ORX North American insurance Forum. Read some of my key takeaways from the event.
Nine highlights from our 2019 Analytics and Scenario Forum
Giuseppe Aloi
31 July 2019
More than 50 people attended our recent Analytics and Scenario Forum. Find out what they discussed.
Latest news
2019 HORF reflects changing op risk environment
Roland Kennett
26 June 2019
The 2019 ORX Heads of Operational Risk Forum came at time of unprecedented change for the industry. Operational risk managers are facing new challenges across all areas.
Latest news
Insurers meet for their annual European forum in Munich
Steve Bishop
13 June 2019
In May, representatives from 15 insurance firms gathered in Munich for the annual ORX European Insurance Forum. They discussed the priorities and challenges facing the industry today, RCSA and the future of op risk management and data.
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Free access to a wide range of events

ORX membership gives your institution free access to our forums and roundtables. To make sure as many of our members are able to attend as possible we host our events in different locations across the globe. Our annual programme includes:

  • Heads of Operational Risk Forum (HORF)
  • Analytics and Scenario Forum
  • Regional Forums
  • Insurance Forums

On top of this, we also organise roundtables on specific topics based on the needs and priorities of our community. Recent roundtable subjects include stress testing, taxonomies, RCSA and cyber.

Improve your op risk management with ORX membership

Our forums and roundtables are one of the many benefits of ORX membership. Find out how else your firm could benefit from becoming a member of ORX.

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