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ORX Cyber:
A guiding light for cyber risk management

Is your organisation trying to manage cyber risk in the dark without the right data and industry insights? Find out how our newest service, ORX Cyber, can help you.

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Why focus on cyber risk?

Cyber risk is increasing across all industries, and the financial sector is no exception. It has consistently been in the top two operational risks facing financial firms in our annual risk horizon studies since 2018. We understand that cyber risk costs your firm money and can prevent you from achieving your business goals. That's why we created ORX Cyber. 

About ORX Cyber

ORX Cyber is a unique operational risk management service created specifically for cyber and information security risk professionals in the second line of defence. ORX Cyber combines loss data exchange with collaboration and research to provide second line practitioners with the insights and information they need to effectively manage and measure this key risk. The service has grown out of the pilot programme that we've run with our membership since 2019.

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With ORX Cyber financial firms can

Become part of a global community developing cyber risk management

Access a trusted source of cyber and information security risk event data

Understand your risk exposure and see how it compares to your peer group

Improve your practice by learning from other financial organisations

Enhance your scenarios and models with more focused data

Understand the latest industry trends through data and analysis

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    Why is managing cyber and information security a challenge?

    Through our work with banks and insurers around the world, we identified four main obstacles that are currently hindering cyber and information security risk management:

    1. Lack of easily available, relevant data
    2. Lack of clarity and consistency in practice
    3. Difficulty comparing and benchmarking data and practice
    4. Multiple and conflicting industry frameworks

    ORX Cyber is designed to break down these barriers, enabling more effective and efficient cyber risk management. This ultimately helps the second line to support the business to achieve their strategic goals in a safe and sustainable way, and protects your customers, shareholders and reputation from the damaging effects of cyber attacks.

    Overcome these challenges with ORX Cyber through

    Cyber event data exchange
    Get a fuller understanding of cyber events through secure data exchange for all participants
    Sharing & documenting practice
    Share, benchmark and learn from each other's practice to find better ways of managing cyber risk
    Research studies & white papers
    Research and thought leadership focusing on the areas of cyber most important to you
    Collaboration & networking
    Share knowledge and experiences with your peers and work together to improve cyber risk management

    Controls and indicators library

    The first of its kind, this library will be included in ORX Cyber and allows you to compare and benchmark your cyber risk management controls and indicators against those of your peers. The library will help you identify effective controls and indicators for cyber and information security risk management. You can also use it to support the effective allocation of IT budget.

    Take a look at a selection of reports, highlights and other outputs from the service so far...

    Digital camera
    ORX Cyber
    Key themes in overseeing cyber supplier risk exposure
    Melanie Lavallin
    29 July 2021
    In June 2021, we ran a research study with subscribers of our ORX Cyber service exploring how financial firms approach the oversight of supply chain cyber risk exposure. The results of the study highlighted 5 key themes - find out what they are.
    Latest news
    Podcast: Introducing ORX Cyber
    Esther Britton
    11 February 2021
    Take a listen to the latest podcast from ORX. This one looks at the current cyber risk management landscape, the challenges facing cyber risk managers and learn more about our new service, ORX Cyber.
    ORX Cyber
    Cyber Risk Board Reporting Study 2020
    Melanie Lavallin
    18 December 2020
    Download the report based on work with our cyber operational risk community to find out how the industry is approaching cyber and information security risk reporting to the Board.
    Abstract cyber image
    Latest news
    Top 5 cyber risks and how they've changed in the pandemic
    Melanie Lavallin
    17 September 2020
    A recent ORX study showed that cyber and information security risks have changed as a result of coronavirus. We surveyed cyber experts in our operational risk community to find out more - here are the top 5 level 2 cyber risks.
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