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Take a look at all the content and resources we've made freely available from the ORX Cyber service. This page also includes various research and blogs that we've produced on cyber and information security risk outside of ORX Cyber.

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ORX Cyber is a premium service from ORX created for cyber and information security risk professionals in the second line of defence. It brings together loss data exchange, collaboration and research to provide insights and information on managing this important risk.

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ORX Cyber
Key themes in overseeing cyber supplier risk exposure
Melanie Lavallin
29 July 2021
In June 2021, we ran a research study with subscribers of our ORX Cyber service exploring how financial firms approach the oversight of supply chain cyber risk exposure. The results of the study highlighted 5 key themes - find out what they are.
Latest news
Podcast: Introducing ORX Cyber
Esther Britton
11 February 2021
Take a listen to the latest podcast from ORX. This one looks at the current cyber risk management landscape, the challenges facing cyber risk managers and learn more about our new service, ORX Cyber.
ORX Cyber
Cyber Risk Board Reporting Study 2020
Melanie Lavallin
18 December 2020
Download the report based on work with our cyber operational risk community to find out how the industry is approaching cyber and information security risk reporting to the Board.
Latest news
Top 5 cyber risks and how they've changed in the pandemic
Melanie Lavallin
17 September 2020
A recent ORX study showed that cyber and information security risks have changed as a result of coronavirus. We surveyed cyber experts in our operational risk community to find out more - here are the top 5 level 2 cyber risks.
What impact is coronavirus having on cyber risk profiles?
Steve Bishop
20 April 2020
Find out how of coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting a financial firm's cyber risk profile. Key impacts include an increase in cyber attacks, the vulnerabilities of working from home and third and fourth party risks.
ORX Cyber
Cyber risk management controls & indicators
Melanie Lavallin
28 February 2020
How is the industry implementing controls and indicators for cyber risk management? And what makes an effective indicator or control? Read the report from our study to find out.
Four challenges of distributing cyber operational risk management responsibilities
Melanie Lavallin
13 November 2019
Financial institutions face four key challenges when distributing roles and responsibilities for cyber risk management, including lack of clarity; conflict of interest; resource and capacity; and low board-level understanding of cyber and IT.
ORX Cyber
Roles and responsibilities in cyber and information security risk management
Melanie Lavallin
24 September 2019
We surveyed 25 financial institutions establish where cyber and information security risk management responsibilities sit across the three lines of defence, and to identify those areas where there is confusion. See what we found out.
ORX Cyber
Cyber and information security risk definitions
Melanie Lavallin
4 July 2019
Working with participants of the ORX Cyber and information security risk (CISR) programme, we have created definitions for cyber and information security risk that we'll use throughout the project.
Press release
Digital continues to dominate the operational risk landscape
4 March 2019
Digital and information security risks came out top in the latest, annual ORX Operational Risk Horizon study. Information security (including cyber risk) was first in the list of current operational risks.

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