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Each year, we run two studies to help risk managers monitor the operational and non-financial risk landscape. The first is our annual Operational Risk Horizon study which focuses on emerging risks, while the second is Top Risk Review which looks at material risks. The studies are free for our members to take part in, or can be purchased as a package or individually by non-members.

The 2022 Risk Landscape package includes the Operational Risk Horizon 2022 report and the two Top Risk Review studies, one published in June and one in November, and costs just £1,900 saving your firm £800 across the year. Alternatively, you can choose to buy one of the 2022 reports individually for £900.

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Top Risk Review June 2022
28 July 2022
The latest Top Risk Review report is now available. The June 2022 report gives you a temperature check of operational risk profiles and up-to-date insights into the key drivers of these risks.
Press release
Cyber threats, macroeconomic & geopolitical uncertainty to change risk landscape
4 May 2022
Speed of change is making assessing emerging risks difficult according to the ORX 2022 Operational Risk Horizon report, with cyber threats, macroeconomic change and geopolitical turbulence predicted to significantly influence the emerging risk landscape.
Latest news
Podcast: Operational risk horizon, top 5 losses and cyber warfare
Esther Britton
29 April 2022
The latest episode of the ORX Operational Risk Podcast is now available. Episode 17 looks at the latest Operational Risk Horizon report, the ORX News top 5 operational risk losses and includes a focus on cyber warfare.
Operational Risk Horizon 2022
25 April 2022
Part of our risk landscape work, the 2022 Operational Risk Horizon study gives you a comprehensive industry view of emerging risks. Buy the study for a holistic view of the emerging risk landscape and to understand how risks are connected.
Press release
Constant fear of cyber threats puts information security at number one risk concern in financial services
Esther Britton
30 November 2021
Information security, including cyber, has topped a league table of operational risk concerns for risk professionals at global financial services organisations.
Top Risk Review November 2021
Simon Johnson
29 November 2021
Get insights into key operational risks facing financial services today with the November 2021 Top Risk Review from ORX. The results are based on the personal opinions of risk professionals from organisations across our global membership.
Top Risk Review June 2021
Simon Johnson
29 June 2021
Get insights into the key operational risks facing the financial services industry today with the June Top Risk Review from ORX. The results are based on the personal opinions of risk professionals from 60 organisations across our global membership.
Latest news
Podcast: Operational Risk Horizon 2021
Esther Britton
15 April 2021
In this episode, we discuss some of the main findings from the Operational Risk Horizon study, including the top identified emerging risks and setting out the definition of an emerging operational risk.
Operational Risk Horizon 2021
Melanie Lavallin
8 April 2021
Find out which emerging operational risks you need to be aware of in our annual Operational Risk Horizon report. Buy the report to help you identify, manage and report on emerging risks.
Top Risk Review: October 2020
Steve Bishop
27 October 2020
Download the latest Top Risk Review from ORX, published in October 2020, to see how the operational risk landscape is changing and which risks you need to be ready for. 
Covid Risk Review
Steve Bishop
8 June 2020
Find out how coronavirus has impacted operational risk profiles. Read the results of our survey of the ORX membership on the current operational risks facing us today.
Operational Risk Horizon 2020
10 February 2020
Download the ORX Operational Risk Horizon 2020 report to find out the top emerging and current operational risks for 2020 and beyond for banks and insurers. This report is based on a survey of financial firms.
Operational Risk Horizon 2019
21 January 2019
Benchmark your top current operational risks against your peers and identify emerging operational risk trends with the ORX Operational Risk Horizon study.
Operational Risk Horizon 2018
21 March 2018
The Operational Risk Horizon was a new initiative from ORX offering two key benefits – the ability to benchmark your top current risks and to identify emerging risk trends.

The Risk Landscape studies are underpinned by the ORX taxonomy...

ORX Event Type Operational Risk Taxonomy

Free to download, this taxonomy covers event type level 1 and level 2 risks for operational and non-financial risk.

ORX Cause & Impact Operational Risk Taxonomy

This taxonomy complements the Event Type Taxonomy and covers causes and impacts to provide even more insight.

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