CCAR Benchmark 2021

  • 5 March 2021
Project status: Registration for the 2021 version of our annual benchmark on the Comprehensive Capital Adequacy Review (CCAR) has now closed, and this project is now underway.

About the benchmark

The CCAR Benchmark provides both a quantitative benchmark and a qualitative assessment of the 2021 submission.

What is CCAR?

CCAR (the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review) is an annual exercise conducted under the supervision of the US Federal Reserve Board (FRB). Its purpose is to assess the financial robustness of bank holding companies (BHCs), which have been identified as economically significant to the US economy. The assessment looks at the capital adequacy under three different financial scenarios: baseline, adverse and severely adverse.

The ORX annual CCAR benchmark

Since 2016, we've run an annual study to provide US banks with a benchmark of their CCAR operational risk modelling methods and outputs. The study provides a quantitative benchmark and a qualitative assessment of how the submission was done. The quantitative element includes a comparison of key projection rations, while the qualitative part looks at the methodology and the challenges of the CCAR submission.

Each firm taking part in the study will receive an overall report looking at the benchmark results as a whole, and an individual factsheet. The study is open to members and non-members of ORX. ORX members can take part for free as the project is included in their ORX Membership subscription, while non-members can pay £5,000 to take part. Please note, your firm must be doing a CCAR submission in 2021 to be involved in the project and registration is now closed.

What do you get for taking part?

This project will provide you with a benchmark of CCAR methodology and modelling outputs for 2021. You'll also gain insights into scenario analysis and join discussions and webinars with our specialist CCAR community.