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All of our activities and services support our vision of resilient and prepared operational risk teams in the financial sector. From ORX Membership, which provides a complete operational and non-financial risk management solution, to our premium services we focus on providing day-to-day and strategic support for operational risk professionals. Take a look at our activities and services to see how we can help you.

“We see that ORX's additional activities provide value and opportunity over and above the core offering.”
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ORX Membership

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ORX Membership
Since 2002, we have been an ever-expanding global community, sharing knowledge, expertise and experience. Become an ORX member today for access to global loss data, high-quality research, events and much more...
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100% of our members would recommend ORX and 99% rate the value of ORX Membership as good to excellent.

Premium services

ORX News

Get valuable insights from publicly-reported loss events at your fingertips. Used by over 70 firms, we collate content on operational risk loss events from various media sources around the globe.

ORX Scenarios

Access an extensive scenario library, scenario practice benchmark studies, and a global scenario practitioner network. In addition, get free scenario development handbooks and a risk intelligence pack.

ORX Cyber

ORX Cyber is a new operational risk management service created specifically for cyber and information security risk professionals in the second line of defence. 

Other activities from ORX

ORX Select

Your financial institution doesn't need to be a member or subscribe to one of our premium services to access support with operational risk management. ORX Select provides a number of ways to get involved with our activities for a one-off fee. 

Loss data

The only global service for banking and insurance firms that exchanges high-quality data, relating to operational risk losses, in a completely secure and anonymised way.

Research studies

Our world-class research supports effective op risk management and measurement across the financial services industry. We focus on the most important issues facing the operational risk professionals today.

Reporting standards

ORX leads the way in setting reporting standards for operational risk. Our banking operational risk reporting standards (B-ORRS) and insurance operational risk reporting standards (I-ORRS) are both freely available.

Practice Benchmarks

Practice Benchmarks shed light on practice in key areas of operational risk management. Open to members and non-members alike, they give you vital insight and helping you to compare your firm to peers.

ORX reference taxonomy

Take a look at our reference taxonomy for operational and non-financial risk, which explores level 1 and 2 risks. And, find out more about our new initiative to create a cause and impact taxonomy.

Working groups

Open to all our members, ORX working groups meet regularly to discuss a specific operational/non-financial risk topic. Groups include cyber, analytics and definitions.

Events and roundtables

Our events bring together operational risk professionals from around the globe. They're a unique opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and challenges on a wide range of operational and non-financial risk topics.