Top Risk Review survey now live

  • 29 September 2021

Share your insights on how operational risk profiles are changing across the industry

ORX members can now take part in our latest Top Risk Review to share their views on the most significant current material risks impacting the industry. You'll need to be able to log into the ORX members-only website to take part – if you don't already have access then check out our map to see if you're a member and request website access. It's free for all our members to participate and the survey will run until 15 October.

Part of our series on monitoring the risk landscape, the Top Risk Review provides a regular sense-check of operational risk profiles and up-to-date insights into the key drivers of these risks. Unlike many of our other surveys, the Top Risk Review is a survey of our members' personal views on the operational risk landscape so many individuals from a single organisation can take part.

Log into the member-only website to take part (see if your firm is a member of ORX)

Why take part in the Top Risk Review?

  1. Contribute to the industry’s view of what the most significant material risks impacting the industry are right now
  2. Increase your understanding of what are the key drivers of these material risks
  3. Use the results to ensure your organisation is prioritising the most significant risks
  4. Share the industry’s view within your own organisation
  5. Participate in interactive discussion groups and hear directly from your peers around the world

What do I need to do?

All you'll need to do is fill in a 15-minute survey and there's no need to do any preparation in advance. The survey will be open to all members until 15 October.

Find out more about the Top Risk Review on the ORX members-only website

Take part in interactive discussion groups on the results

All participants will be invited to take part in discussions groups to learn more about the survey results. These sessions are your chance to:

  • Learn more about the findings
  • Discuss results and key challenges
  • Network with a global community of operational risk professionals

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