ORX plants 100 trees to celebrate 100th member

  • 24 January 2020
ORX plants 100 trees for 100th member

ORX is delighted to announce that this month we gained our 100th member. To celebrate reaching this important milestone, we have made a donation to the organisation ‘One Tree Planted’ for them to plant a tree on behalf of each of our 100 members.

ORX membership has been steadily growing since we were founded in 2002. From our beginnings as a loss data consortium for banks, we have expanded to cover the insurance sector and provide industry-leading research, initiatives and collaboration opportunities for the operational risk field.

We’re proud to say that we now have 100 members, including some the largest banks and insurance companies worldwide. Simon Wills, ORX Executive Director, explains why ORX has decided to plant 100 trees to celebrate this achievement:

 “We felt that planting trees was an appropriate metaphor for the growth of ORX over the past 18 years. With every member we add, we increase our ability to grow taller and stronger together.”

This donation is also relevant to the severe need around the world for more trees, particularly right now with the awful fires in Australia, where many of our members are either located or have offices. Given the devastating loss of wildlife there, we are going to match our tree planting donation to provide support to the World Wildlife Fund who are working on the ground to restore Australian habitats.”

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ORX is the world’s largest operational risk association in the financial sector. ORX help firms around the world enhance their operational risk management and measurement. We undertake research, improve understanding and share knowledge and data to benefit our members and the wider operational risk community.

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