ORX News API launched

  • 27 November 2019

Integrate ORX News data with your own systems, making it even more valuable

ORX News, our platform of publicly-reported operational risk news events, now has a new API that lets you integrate ORX News information with your own systems, for example, your GRC.

You can use it to enhance your existing reports and dashboards by seamlessly inputting ORX News stories directly into them. Just set it up once, then let it run!

What can you do with the ORX News API? 

The API provides two endpoints. The first is a full export of all ORX News stories and the second provides all stories published in the previous week. With the new API you can:

  • Pull the latest news stories into a dashboard
  • See external events in an automated weekly report
  • Integrate the latest external events from ORX News into your operational risk tool

Of course, you can also continue to access ORX News to browse operational risk stories, deep dives and editorial reports, and to set your custom email alerts.

If you'd like to know more about the API and how you can set it up, just get in touch.

What are the benefits of ORX News?

Whether you’re looking to enrich your operational risk loss data, train employees on what could happen or enhance your scenario development, ORX News can help. Find out more about the service here.

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