Groupama and New York Life bring ORX membership to 102

  • 26 March 2020

We are pleased to welcome Groupama and New York Life as the 101st and 102nd members of ORX. Both insurance companies joined ORX in quick succession, hot on the heels of us reaching the important milestone of 100 members

Groupama and New York Life, both highly reputable insurance providers, will be contributing to ORX's global insurance service. Since launching in 2015, our loss data service specially designed for insurers has grown to over 20 institutions from around the world.

As well as benefitting from access to a database of operational risk losses from other insurance firms, Groupama and New York Life will be able to collaborate with risk management professionals at banks and insurers based around the globe. They'll have the chance to join research studies, participate in working groups and attend events. As ORX members, they'll also have the opportunity to drive the direction of our future work on operational and non-financial risk.

Steve Bishop, Head of Insurance and Risk Information at ORX, said:

Our insurance service has gone from strength to strength since it launched. We're delighted to have Groupama and New York Life join us. As well-established companies, both of them bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to ORX.

Simon Wills, ORX Executive Director at ORX, welcomed the two firms, saying:

 “We're very pleased that both companies have become part of ORX and very much look forward to working with them, sharing knowledge and valuable research to manage operational risk together.”

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