Podcast: Operational Risk Horizon 2021

  • 15 April 2021

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Highlights from the latest Operational Risk Horizon study

In this episode, the team who worked on the project discuss some of the main findings from the Operational Risk Horizon study, including the top identified emerging risks and setting out the definition of an emerging operational risk. We had originally provided a definition to participants as guidance: 

"An industry definition should provide for emerging operational risks that haven't yet materialised but may do so within a minimum of 18 months and looking as far out as 10 years."

However, in this podcast, you can hear how participants of the study expressed that it is becoming increasingly challenging to look further ahead than just 18-36 months. 

In the discussion, we also discuss how the industry's approach to identifying and reporting emerging operational risks is changing. 

"Organisations now typically view the operational risk horizon as a list of interconnected emerging risk factors."

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About the Operational Risk Horizon 2021

Over 45 financial institutions took part in this study, sharing their views on what constitutes an emerging operational risk and which emerging risks they were most concerned about.

The results have been drawn together into a comprehensive report which covers our headline findings and is available to buy now. The report explores the relationships between different emerging risk categories and factors, as well as specific themes, such as digitalisation, and how these impact institutions’ risk profiles. The report also examines five key emerging risk categories in more detail, including emerging technologies, advanced cybercrime and climate risk.

Find out more about the Operational Risk Horizon 2021 report

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