Podcast: Operational resilience, top 5 losses and sanctions

  • 30 March 2022

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Episode 16: Operational resilience, ORX News Top 5 operational risk losses and focus on sanctions

Join the ORX research team as they look at how financial organisations are overcoming some of the practical hurdles associated with developing and implementing operational resilience frameworks. The discussion is based on a recent report which was produced in collaboration with our Operational Resilience Working Group.

The ORX News team then take a look at the five largest operational risk losses of February 2022 and, in light of the conflict in Ukraine, do a short focus section on sanctions.

This episode features Steve Bishop, Melanie Lavallin, Emilie Odin, Lily Richardson, Fern Ashcroft and Thomas Neale. 

Episode resources and links

You can find the top 5 operational risk losses discussed in this episode, along with all previous top 5s, on the ORX News resources webpage. The operational resilience report is available to all ORX members on our member-only website, where you can also find our full range of operational risk studies.

To find out more about ORX News and ORX Membership take a look at our servces. And to access other operational risk insights, explore our free resources.

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