Podcast: Control libraries, top 5 losses and focus on climate

  • 31 October 2022

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Episode 22: Control libraries, ORX News top 5 operational risk losses and focus on climate



We really see this as helping the industry to innovate by driving that consistent and modern language, but also helping our membership to understand the types of typical risks, or controls or indicators, that their peers consider. 

In the first part of this episode, Luke Carrivick interviews Steve Bishop on developments in operational risk controls and finds out more about the new ORX Reference Control Library.

The ORX News team then take a look at the five largest operational risk losses reported by the ORX News team in September 2022 and explore the topic of climate, including greenwashing and the impact of Hurricane Ian.

Episode resources

If you're an ORX member, you can explore the ORX Reference Control Library for free. If you're not a member of ORX, then you can purchase the library for a one-off fee.


Find out how to buy the library


You can also read a summary of the top 5 operational risk losses discussed in this episode. And, if you subscribe to ORX News, then you can access the climate news round-up at: https://news.orx.org/node/11289.

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