New ORX website coming soon

  • 9 May 2023

New and improved ORX website launching at the end of Q2

We've been working on a new website to replace the existing ORX Membership and public sites, combining them into a single website. We expect the new site to launch towards the end of June or early July this year.

The development of the new site follows discussions and user research we did with the ORX community in 2022. This research helped us identify key improvements we could make and guided the direction for the new site. Read on to learn more about the improvements we're making and how they will benefit our community.

Making it easier for you to access the content you're looking for

Find all ORX resources in one place

Blurred image of new website homepage

One of the key bits of feedback we received from our community was that it's hard to find the resources and information they're looking for. Therefore, we've kept usability front of mind for the design of the new site.

The new site will bring all ORX resources into one area called 'Risk resources'. Users can then use various filters to find resources, including community, service, year and topic. 

In addition to using the 'Risk resources' area, the new site will also have an improved search function to help you find what you're after. 

Bookmark content you use regularly

During our discussions with members and subscribers, we heard that a lot of users use the same resource regularly – for example the Operational Risk Reporting Standards – but that it can be time-consuming to search for it each time.

So, we've added bookmarking functionality to the new website. Registered users will be able to bookmark pages they use regularly, and these will appear on their personalised My ORX dashboard so they don't need to look for them again.

A personalised homepage for each registered user

Blurred image of new My ORX homepage

See your ORX activity in one place

On the new website every user with an account will have their own personalised homepage called 'My ORX'. 

As well as being the place where users can easily access bookmarked content, this page will show any projects, communities, working groups and events that our members and subscribers are a part of. It will also give an overview of what ORX projects a user's organisation is involved in and show which services they subscribe to.

Upgrading the login system

As part of the move to the new website, we are also upgrading the login system we use for the ORX Membership and ORX News sites to make accessing the websites easier.

All users will need to recreate their accounts

When we launch, all current users of the ORX Membership and ORX News websites will need to recreate their accounts. We'll send instructions on how to do this when we launch, but the process will be quick and simple. If you use the ORX News site, once you've registered your new account will be automatically connected to your old one so any saved searches and alerts will be transferred.

Access to content from other services if your organisation subscribes

One of the main advantages of the new login system is that users will automatically be granted to content from ORX News, ORX Scenarios and ORX Cyber if their firm subscribes, making it easier to get full value from ORX.

Timeline and next steps

Our target launch date is towards the end of June. We will provide further updates and information as the build progresses and will share an exact launch date as soon as we can.