2022 Operational Risk Loss reports published

  • 20 June 2022

Our latest Annual Operational Risk Loss reports are now available. The reports – one for banking and one for insurance – cover the last six years’ worth of data in our operational risk loss databases (2016-2021). They explore the frequency, severity and key trends in operational risk loss events in the banking and insurance sectors.

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The annual loss reports provide valuable insights into the operational risk losses experienced by financial institutions around the world. The reports are the only chance for non-members of ORX to learn from the unrivalled dataset in our global banking and insurance databases.

The full report is available for free to all our members on the members-only website or for non-members to purchase for £900. But, we've also created a free summary of each report

The summaries provide a snapshot of the full reports. They include an infographic showing data such as average annual gross loss, severity of loss by region and event type with the highest loss frequency.

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Headline findings

Trends show banking operational risk gross loss decreasing

Gross loss in 2021 was consistent with the amount seen in 2020 for the banking sector. This is in line with the general trend we can observe of decreasing total gross over the last six years. In contrast, the total number of events reported increased in 2021.

Insurance losses more variable

The data from the insurance sector is more variable, both in terms of gross loss and the number of events submitted. However, the figures for 2021 show a decrease in both areas.

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  • Event frequency by business line and event type
  • Total loss by business line and event type
  • Risk in focus sections– Coronavirus, Conduct and Cyber
  • Geographic distribution of losses
  • Spreadsheet of aggregated data from the charts in the report to use for your own analysis
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