2022 communities, projects and events plan

  • 16 February 2022

Welcome to 2022 with ORX

Take a look at our plan of activities for the year to see what we've got planned for ORX Membership in 2022 - including our new communities and working groups and our schedule of projects and events.

Building on the power of the ORX community

Last year, we carried out research with our members about the value they get from ORX Membership. One key benefit of ORX Membership was consistently mentioned in all our conversations – the strength of the ORX community and our ability to connect a global network of operational risk professionals. This research has formed the basis of our plan for 2022.

So, this year we are developing our existing communities and creating new ones, giving our members even more opportunities to connect with peers. Doing more within our communities and working groups will also enable us to react more quickly to current topics of interest and provide more actionable outputs.

How we’re delivering value to our members in 2022

This year, our goal for ORX Membership is to:

  • Provide even more opportunities to collaborate and connect through increased communities and working groups
  • Use these groups to respond more quickly to the topics that are important to you
  • Focus on key industry topics, including resilience and climate
  • Deliver studies with long-term value and focus on what’s changing
  • Provide more useable and actionable outputs from our studies

Download the information pack for more detail about what we’ve got planned in 2022 for ORX Membership. If you’d like to know how you can get involved –either through becoming a member or through one-off participation in research – please get in touch with us.

ORX Membership in 2022 - Connecting operational risk professionals around the globe

How you could get involved with ORX in 2022

There's lots of different ways you can take part in our activities, including:

  • Becoming an ORX Member
  • Subscribing to ORX News, ORX Scenarios or ORX Cyber
  • Opportunities to take part individual research projects or buying a report

If you're interested in participating in one of our research projects, then just keep an eye on our website and on our LinkedIn page for the latest information and opportunities. 

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