Banking Operational Risk Loss Data Report 2021

  • 9 August 2021

Do you know what types of operational risk events are causing the most losses for finance firms around the world? Are you aware of the business lines and event types that are having the biggest impact? Find the answers in our latest operational risk loss data reports.

Every year ORX produces a report on our global banking loss database. We also publish a report summarising the data in our insurance database. The reports explore the frequency, severity and key trends in operational risk loss events in the banking industry. This year’s banking report examines the last six years’ worth of data in our database – from the start of 2015 to the end of 2020.

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The ORX operational risk databases contain actual loss event data shared by our member banks and insurers from around the world. Our Annual Operational Risk Loss Data Reports – one for the banking sector and one for the insurance sector – explore the last six years of operational risk loss data in the databases. 

The reports provide detailed analysis and insight into the data, helping you understand important trends and developments in operational risk. They also have a 'risk in focus' section that concentrates on the impact of coronavirus. These reports are available for free to our members and for non-members to purchase for just £750.

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To provide you with an overview of the ORX banking data, we've created an executive summary report which is free to download.

Download the report for a summary of the last six years of operational risk losses, including an infographic showing data such as average annual gross loss across 2015 to 2020, coronavirus loss impact in 2020 and severity of loss by region.

Free summary report

Download the executive summary

Executive summary

Building on the trends seen in 2019, we observed a decline in three headline metrics: the total gross loss of events reported, the total number of events reported per year and operational risk loss as a percentage of income.

However, we did see a significant increase in the average size of each loss event since frequency fell at a faster rate than total loss.

As you may expect the pandemic impacted different parts of banking in different ways. An overall decline in loss in 2020 in comparison to the 5-year average was seen within most business lines.

Similarly, with a different operating environment the types of operational loss events banks experience will also change. Unsurprisingly there was an increase of losses within disasters & public safety, the category recommended within our guidance for direct impacts of the pandemic.

Download the summary report for more information and an overview of the data

Overview of banking losses

ORX Annual Banking Loss Report infographic
Download the free summary report for a copy of this infographic

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The full version of the ORX Banking Annual Operational Risk Loss Report is available for you to purchase for just £750. Buy the report for our complete analysis of the operational risk loss data in the ORX global banking database, including:

  • Loss frequency and severity from 2015-2020
  • Event frequency and total loss by business line and event type
  • Losses by business type
  • Geographic distribution of losses
  • Risk in focus section looking at the impact of coronavirus
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Free summary report

Download the executive summary