Top Risk Review June 2022

  • 28 July 2022

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The latest Top Risk Review report is now available. The June 2022 report gives you a temperature check of operational risk profiles and up-to-date insights into the key drivers of these risks.

Over 100 risk professionals from almost 70 financial organisations took part in the June study, ranking the top material risks facing the industry today. The survey also asked participants to explain their rankings, list the main driver(s) of each risk and indicate whether they expect the risk to still be in the top five in 12 months' time.

How to access the June 2022 Top Risk Review

The report is available to purchase for £900, or you can buy the full Monitoring the Risk Landscape package (this includes the Operational Risk Horizon 2022 report, the June Top Risk Review and the second Top Risk Review of 202, published in November) saving your firm £800 across the year. The report is also available to members to download on the member-only website for free as part of ORX Membership.

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Key findings

Our overall findings reflect a turbulent and uncertain macroenvironmental landscape with economic, geopolitical, social and regulatory factors all influencing the ranking.

Top 5 operational risks

  1. Information security (including cyber)
  2. Third party
  3. Technology
  4. Data management
  5. People

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This report was conducted as part of our new range of monitoring the risk landscape studies, which cover both emerging and material risks. The studies are free for ORX members and if you're not a member of ORX, you can buy a copy of the June 2022 Top Risk Review report for just £900.

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