ORX Scenarios: Insights into Material Risks 2022

  • 14 December 2022

The Insights into Material Risks report from ORX Scenarios analyses the trends identified in the 2022 scenario library. Download the free report to learn about the key trends in scenario practice, to see how these compare to the wider operational risk landscape and to understand how scenario portfolios might develop in the future.


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Headline findings

"Conduct, information security (incl. cyber), and transaction processing are among the key trends identified over the last year."

Our analysis shows how institutions are continuing to focus on a similar set of core themes for operational risk scenarios to previous years. These include conduct, fraud and information security and cyber.

Conduct-related scenarios remain a top concern, with ORX Scenarios subscribers developing a wide range of conduct-related scenarios. These scenarios cover a variety of interrelated themes such as technological change, macroeconomic challenges, cost of living crises, staff attrition, hybrid working and regulatory change.

Information security (incl. cyber) is the second most common risk type in the scenario library, followed by transaction, processing and execution.


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About this report

Created using information shared by 55 financial organisations, the ORX Scenarios: Insights into Material Risks 2022 report gives you a global picture of scenario practice in 2022.

The report includes:

  • Analysis of the key trends
  • Information for each of the top risks – including impact by region, business line and event type, key risk drivers and key financial impacts
  • A broader look at scenario storylines and the risk landscape

Download the free report to find out the top risk types for which the financial firms created the most operational risk scenarios.

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