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Top 5 chart October 2021
ORX News
5 largest operational risk losses: October 2021
Lily Richardson
11 November 2021
Discover the 5 largest op risk loss events recorded by the ORX News team in October 2021. This month's top 5 includes a fine over interest calculations on revolving credit, a hacker exploiting an administrator private key, and a flash loan attack.
What is the operational risk exposure from cryptoassets?
Luke Carrivick
9 November 2021
Given the rapid rise in the valuation of some cryptoassets, they are increasingly hard to avoid. A recent study estimated that within the UK 2.3m individuals hold cryptoassets, and nearly 80% of adults are familiar with them. Read the blog for more info.
EU and UK postpone implementation of Basel III
Luke Carrivick
5 November 2021
The European Commission has confirmed that the new EU rules to implement the final part of the Basel III agreement will come into effect in 2025. Find out more about what's happening and what it means for you.
Top 5 chart September 2021
ORX News
5 largest operational risk losses: September 2021
Lily Richardson
8 October 2021
Discover the 5 largest op risk loss events recorded by the ORX News team in September 2021. This month's top 5 includes investor funds in fraudulent offering, a WestLB cum-ex tax debt, and a failure to adequately prepare trading system.
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