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Coronavirus resources

Due to unique challenge posed by coronavirus (Covid-19) for operational risk management, we're making all our coronavirus-related content publicly available

Research findings

Discover key findings and analysis from our leading-edge research studies that are freely available to support your operational risk practice. 

ORX reference taxonomy

This initiative provides a common language and enable meaningful conversations across the financial services industry. 

Reporting standards

ORX lead the way in setting the reporting standards for operational risk events that are used by banks and insurance firms across the globe.

Annual public loss reports

Banking annual public loss report
This is the only public report we publish on our global banking loss database.
Insurance annual public loss report
Explore key trends driving operational risk losses in the insurance sector today.
Climate risk
Regulators mirror banks on climate risk challenges
Simon Johnson
30 June 2020
Recent papers have shown that climate risk management challenges faced by banks are reflected in the problems faced by regulators. Read this analysis to find out more.
Thought leadership
Risk-managing change checklist
Simon Wills
4 June 2020
Ask yourself these eight questions to see if you're ready to manage the operational risks of change. Working with Chief Risk Officers from leading global financial firms, these questions will help you prepare for the changes your firm wants to make.
Industry news
Bank to pay USD 2.5 million to settle class action over cryptocurrency credit card fees
John Bosnell
8 June 2020
Operational risk loss story of the month from ORX News: In May 2020, JPMorgan Chase agreed to pay $2.5m to settle a class action suit over credit card fees it charged customers who bought cryptocurrency using their Chase credit card.
Top 5 chart May 2020
Industry news
5 largest operational risk losses: May 2020
John Bosnell
8 June 2020
Discover the 5 largest operational risk loss events recorded by the ORX News team in May 2020. This month's top 5 includes a fake email scam, trade order routing misrepresentations, and misleading customers about charges for trade execution services.
Industry news
10 most popular loss events: ORX News Q1 2020
John Bosnell
4 May 2020
Find out which operational risk loss events were the most commonly read on ORX News from 1 Jan 2020-31 Mar 2020.
The three lines of defence model explained
Simon Johnson
26 February 2020
The three lines of defence (or 3LOD) model is an accepted regulated framework designed to facilitate an effective risk management system. Traditionally, this model is used because it provides a standardised and comprehensive risk management process.
Six trends from the ORX Scenarios library in 2019
Giuseppe Aloi
6 December 2019
Since 2017, institutions have submitted more than 1,100 operational risk scenarios to the ORX Scenarios library. Read on for the key trends and insights from the library in 2019.
Five key elements for creating an op risk scenario storyline
Giuseppe Aloi
4 September 2019
Learn how to develop comprehensive scenario storylines. This blog focuses on cyber-related data breach.
Four benefits of adopting the ‘umbrella’ approach to op risk management
Luke Carrivick
27 August 2019
What are the benefits of implementing 'umbrella' approach to operational risk management? Our study identified four main benefits – consistency and completeness; efficiency; effectiveness and agility.
Roles and responsibilities in cyber and information security risk management
Melanie Lavallin
24 September 2019
We surveyed 25 financial institutions establish where cyber and information security risk management responsibilities sit across the three lines of defence, and to identify those areas where there is confusion. See what we found out.
Insights into material risks: Scenario library summary 2019
Giuseppe Aloi
16 September 2019
Each year, we analyse our scenario library and produce a summary report on the results. Read the summary report for key trends and highlights.
Industry news
SMA implementation tracker
Luke Carrivick
15 October 2019
Find out which jurisdictions have confirmed their SMA plans and what the differences in implementation and capital impact are.
How do scenarios help improve op risk management?
Luke Carrivick
3 June 2019
We asked our Head of Research and Information, Dr Luke Carrivick, a few questions about using scenarios as a method for improving operational risk management.
Blockchain and operational risk: opportunities and challenges
Andréia Stephenson
13 July 2018
What might Blockchain mean for financial services, and operational risk in particular? A member of the ORX News team went to a summit in June to find out.

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