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ORX provides many free resources for managing and measuring operational risk that you don't need to be a member to access. This includes research findings, how-to articles, videos and more. Have a look to see what we offer!

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Operational risk resources from ORX

Reports & white papers

Discover key findings and analysis from our leading-edge research studies that are freely available to support your operational risk practice. 

ORX reference taxonomy

This initiative provides a common language and enable meaningful conversations across the financial services industry. 

Reporting standards

ORX lead the way in setting the reporting standards for operational risk events that are used by banks and insurance firms across the globe.

Videos & podcasts

Explore our growing library of webinar recordings, interviews and podcasts covering a range of operational risk topics.

Coronavirus resources

Due to unique challenge posed by coronavirus (Covid-19) for operational risk management, we're making all our coronavirus-related content publicly available

Annual operational risk loss data reports

Banking annual loss report
This is the only public report we publish on our global banking loss database.
Insurance annual loss report
Explore key trends driving operational risk losses in the insurance sector today.

Resources from our premium services

ORX News

Take a look at all the content and resources we've made freely available from ORX News, including our regular monthly top 5 operational risk losses and ORX News digests.

ORX Scenarios

Take a look at all the resources, reports and blogs that we've made freely available from our premium service, ORX Scenarios, to support you and your firm in their operational risk scenario practice. 

ORX Cyber

Explore the content and resources we've made freely available from the ORX Cyber service. This page also includes research and blogs on cyber and information security risk created outside of ORX Cyber.

cyber security information risk
ORX Cyber
Key themes in overseeing cyber supplier risk exposure
Melanie Lavallin
29 July 2021
In June 2021, we ran a research study with subscribers of our ORX Cyber service exploring how financial firms approach the oversight of supply chain cyber risk exposure. The results of the study highlighted 5 key themes - find out what they are.
ORX Scenarios
How to use operational risk scenarios for more proactive risk management
Esther Britton
27 July 2021
At ORX we’re focusing on how to support financial organisations to become more proactive in their risk management. Find out you can do this using operational risk scenario analysis.
Future of Op Risk: Right time, right place
Simon Wills
9 July 2021
Are you ready to manage risk in an increasingly digitalised world? Download the report, Right time, right place: drive for change in operational and non-financial risk, to find out.
Top 5 chart June 2021
ORX News
5 largest operational risk losses: June 2021
John Bosnell
12 July 2021
Discover the 5 largest op risk loss events recorded by the ORX News team in June 2021. This month's top 5 includes fines for misleading customers and supervisory failures, misleading investors to lend to shell companies and mis-selling forex derivatives.
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