The ORX operational risk reporting standards provide the definitions and principles for data categorisation.

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Operational risk reporting standards

ORX continues to lead the way in setting the reporting standards by which the industry views operational risk events. By bringing together a wealth of knowledge and experience from our community of members, we are able to produce operational risk reporting standards for both the banking and insurance industry. 

Our standards are freely available – get your copy of the ORX operational risk reporting standards here. Many financial firms benefit from using them to support their operational risk event collection and reporting practices.

Why did we create the standards?

These standards are the cornerstone of the ORX quality assurance framework, establishing the definitions and requirements for submitting data to ORX. This ensures our members receive data of a comparible standard and in an agreed format.

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Op risk reporting standards
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About the reporting standards

Both sets of standards are maintained in collaboration with our Definitions Working Groups. They are continually updated to reflect contemporary issues, and to meet the reporting requirements of our members in an ever-changing landscape.


The current edition of the banking operational risk reporting standards (B-ORRS) was approved by the ORX Board in 2016. We've just released a revision to this edition, which outlines new reporting requirements for tax events (see section 3.2.4).

The B-ORRS is in two parts - the first outlines the definitions and reporting requirements, the second contains a detailed description of each of the data categories. 


The first edition of the insurance operational risk reporting standards (I-ORRS) was published in March 2015 to support the launch of our new Insurance service. 

We developed them with leading global insurers to be in line with the CRO Forum high level operational risk definitions and, wherever possible, to be consistent with our Banking ORRS. Like the B-ORRS, the I-ORRS is in two sections and contains definitions and detailed descriptions.

Download the standards

Download a copy of the banking and insurance operational risk reporting standards.

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