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ORX was founded with a vision of creating a platform for the anonymised and secure exchange of high-quality loss data relating to operational risk.

Loss data

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We are the only global loss sharing service for the banking and insurance sectors, with a database that now contains more than 700,000 loss events. While we now do much more than this, loss data remains a core service that we offer our members.

So our data is more relevant, we split our loss data services by industry and in some cases region. This means you can easily perform targeted benchmarks and analysis.

ORX Global Banking

Established in 2002, the ORX Global Banking service was the first service we offered our membership. With over 80 members and database of more than 600,000 loss events totalling over €450 billion, our members benefit from access to a large data set.

The global banking database gives our members access to many different standard reports, including benchmarks and loss event severity reports. Some of the reports are further broken down by business line. You can use these reports for modelling and risk management. 

In order to share high-quality data it's essential that everyone uses the same terms and definitions. Our Banking Operational Risk Reporting Standards (B-ORRS) has become the industry standard – find out more about our standards.

ORX Global Insurance

In 2015, following a request from the CRO Forum (www.thecroforum.org), we established a service specifically for insurance firms. This service provides insurers with the ability to exchange high-quality data relating to operational risk losses in a completely secure and anonymised way. As with the global banking database, there is a variety of reports and benchmarks that can be run using our insurance database. We currently have more than 15 institutions subscribed to the insurance database.

Like the banking service, ORX Global Insurance has a specific set of standards to ensure data quality. Find out more about the standards and request a copy.

    Public reports on ORX loss data

    Beyond the Headlines: Banking annual public loss report 2018

    This is our eighth annual report on our banking operational risk loss data. It summarises our loss database and illustrates trends in operational risk losses.

    Beyond the headlines: Insurance annual public loss report 2018

    Our second annual report on the ORX insurance operational risk loss database shows trends in operational risk losses within the insurance and reinsurance industry.

    ORX Regional Banking

    As well as our global service, we offer banks based in certain countries the chance to subscribe to a number of regional banking services. These give subscribers the chance to share a bespoke dataset, and to perform benchmarks and analysis against an even more specialised set of data. This can provide invaluable insight into the losses suffered in their region. Our current regional services are:

    • ORX Regional Banking – Australian
    • ORX Regional Banking – Canadian
    • ORX Regional Banking – Nordic
    • ORX Regional Banking – South African
    • ORX Regional Banking – UK

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