ORX Surveys and benchmarks

We understand the value of comparing an institution to its peers.

And, with almost 100 of the world's largest financial institutions, our Members can compare themselves with an unrivalled global peer group.

Peer groups


Loss data benchmarks

ORX offers a wide range of loss data benchmarking and reporting. They come directly from the most recent loss data submitted by our Membership, providing up-to-date information for modelling and risk management. 

Peer Group Benchmarks

2016 saw the launch of our new peer group benchmarking reports. Peer group benchmarking allows ORX Members to compare their firm's loss data against their peers across a range of units of measure. By naming the institutions they want to be compared to, Members can create a unique set of comparisons that will show how they compare to their direct peer group.

These benchmark reports are free for all our Members.

ORX Snap Surveys


Snap Surveys

We've recently launched a new Snap Survey service. Snap Surveys are a quick way to gain insight into the view of your peers on a variety of topics and issues. Subjects for Snap Surveys are suggested by our Members.

With a short turnaround time, Snap Surveys are a great way to get timely and relevant information. At the end of the survey we provide participants with an easily digestible breakdown of the results. We’ll also produce a short public summary. Our first Snap Survey focused on the way banks manage model risk – read the public version here

Regular surveys

We carry out a number of regular benchmarking surveys, which are used to validate internal estimates and internal practice.

Regular annual surveys include:

  • an annual Heads of Operational Risk Survey, providing understanding of the issues and topics that are facing the industry
  • an annual Capital Benchmarking Survey, providing a comparison of the levels of capital held by peer institutions
  • a bi-annual Capital Model Methodology Benchmarking Survey, providing a unique insight into the way that leading institutions model operational risk
  • a bi-annual Scenario Methodology Benchmarking Survey, providing a view on how scenario methodology is evolving across the industry
Give to get

Give to Get

Our policy on all data sharing activities is that Members "give to get". Quite simply this means that to receive any data Members must share equivalent data.

This policy is applied to loss data, scenario data and benchmarks. Our Membership requires institutions to participate in loss data sharing, but does offer participation to non-Members in other exercises on a case-by-case basis.

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