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What we do

Loss data
Loss data
We are the only global loss sharing service for the banking and insurance sectors. Our Members share high-quality loss data in a secure, anonymous way.
ORX News
ORX News
ORX News is an industry-leading provider of publicly reported operational risk loss data from around the globe.
ORX Scenarios
ORX Scenarios
This programme gives its Members data, tools and standards to help them identify, assess and validate scenarios.
ORX research magnifying glass
Research into operational risk management and measurement is a core part of what we do. Each year we do research on a variety of themes chosen by our Members.
Each year, we run a growing number of events aimed at bringing individuals together, and enabling them to collaborate and share ideas.
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Practice benchmarks
At ORX, we are working with the industry to develop practice benchmarks to help assess the maturity of an institution’s operational risk management practices against the industry.
ORX standards tick
The ORX operational risk reporting standards provide the definitions and principles for data categorisation.
Surveys and benchmarks
With almost 100 of the largest financial institutions, our Members can compare themselves against a global peer group.

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