We work closely with our Members at both an individual and organisational level, supporting them with thought leadership, expertise and practical tools tailored to their different needs.

They trust us to be their, evidenced-based voice for progressing the development and application of regulation globally.

ORX Achievements

We actively facilitate a global community of financial institutions committed to improving their management of operational risk. By enabling collaboration and the sharing of ideas, information and experience, we take practical steps to help solve the big problems of operational risk as well as reinforce the value, influence and progress of the discipline.

This is what makes ORX so successful - and why the regulators and the supervisors are prepared to listen to what we have to say.

From the original 12 Members in 2002, we have continued to grow. In recent years, ORX has moved from simply loss data and banking, and now offer a service for insurers. We're also investigating options for an asset management service.

Our list of successes continues to grow as well. For many of our projects we produce a publicly available version of the report.

2017 projects

Outsourcing risk
Sarah Reed
1 September 2017
How do you assess what outsourcing does to your operational risk profile? The ORX Outsourcing risk project will help you understand the new risks and operational impacts that have emerged as the industry has changed.
Operational Risk Horizon 2018
John Mears
21 March 2018
The Operational Risk Horizon was a new initiative from ORX offering two key benefits – the ability to benchmark your top current risks and to identify emerging risk trends.
Practice benchmark
Operational risk appetite with consequence 2017
Esther Renfrew
9 March 2018
The industry is progressing, but challenges remain. Our study helped to better understand the state of operational risk appetite within the financial services industry. See what we found out.
Future of loss information
Esther Britton
6 July 2017
Throughout 2017 we're running a project reviewing how loss information could evolve to meet the changing requirements of operational risk management.

2016 projects

Understanding emerging risk
John Mears
28 October 2016
In 2016, we began work to enhance industry understanding of how emerging risks are defined, identified and assessed and the structures in place to support this activity.
How do banks manage model risk in 2016?
Paul Minter
28 October 2016
This Snap Survey report explores how banks define, manage and mitigate model risk.
Hitting the headlines
Annika Westphal
28 October 2016
Using data from the ORX News database, this report analyses the frequency and severity of losses in the financial services industry across 2014 and 2015.
Annual Banking Loss Report 2018
Luke Carrivick
5 July 2018
This is our eighth annual report on the largest banking operational risk loss database. Read the full report here.
AMA Capital Benchmarking Survey
Matthew Rees
17 January 2017
The AMA Capital Benchmark Survey provides a unique insight into levels of capital held by peer institutions.
Capital Methodology survey 2016
Matthew Rees
17 January 2017
Every two years we carry out the Capital Methodology survey. It provides a detailed analysis of how the industry is building capital models, covering a wide range of model building aspects.
Industry news
Capital impact of the SMA
Luke Carrivick
27 May 2016
Our response to Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's (BCBS) proposed Standardised Measurement Approach for Pillar I operational risk capital. Including our SMA capital requirements benchmark report, ORX Capital impact of the SMA.

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