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cyber library
Press release
ORX to create cyber control and indicator libraries
Esther Britton
27 November 2019
ORX has gathered key controls and indicators from over 20 financial institutions based around the world. This information will allow us to create libraries of controls and indicators used for managing and monitoring cyber and information security risk.
Press release
ORX publishes reference taxonomy for operational and non-financial risk
Esther Britton
21 November 2019
Following on from our award-winning level 1 taxonomy, which was published in 2018, the new ORX Reference Taxonomy delves deeper into level 2 risks.
Press release
ORX surveys firms to find controls and indicators for cyber risk
Esther Britton
29 October 2019
We are currently surveying financial firms to find out what key controls and indicators they are using to manage cyber and information security risk. This survey is being done as part of our cyber and information security risk (CISR) programme.
BCP logo
Press release
BCP become 99th member of ORX
Esther Britton
28 October 2019
We’re pleased to announce that Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) have just joined ORX, becoming our 99th member.
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