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About ORX

ORX is the largest operational risk management association in the financial services sector. Since 2002, we’ve been developing a global community of financial institutions committed to improving the management and measurement of operational risk.

Owned and driven by our member institutions, we bring together hundreds of operational risk professionals to share their knowledge, expertise and experience in the financial services industry. We are a not-for-profit industry association incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Helping financial organisations manage operational risk

Our vision

Our vision is a future where financial institutions are prepared and resilient, protecting the global economy and all of us from inevitable risks in our constantly evolving world. Everything we do, from our research to our loss data helps us achieve this goal.

How we achieve our vision

When ORX was set up our aim was simply to 'provide a platform for the secure and anonymised exchange of high-quality operational risk loss data from around the world'. These days we’re about much more than that.

Through ORX Membership, we help financial institutions better manage, measure and understand operational risk. We do this by enabling our member firms to share and access operational risk loss data, giving them the chance to take part in studies and benchmarks and providing opportunities for them to network and collaborate with each other.

“Going beyond pure data exchange is highly valuable for us, as research, benchmarking and active exchange among members supports us in keeping on track in the operational risk environment.”
ORX member firm

As well as ORX Membership, we also offer three premium services which you don't need to be a member to subscribe to – ORX News, ORX Scenarios and ORX Cyber.


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ORX Membership
ORX Membership is open to any financial institution that can submit data in line with the ORX data standards.
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ORX News
Used by over 65 international firms, ORX News collate content on operational risk loss events from various media sources around the globe.
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ORX Scenarios
ORX Scenarios effectively supports practitioners with scenario identification, assessment, quantification and validation practices.
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ORX Cyber
ORX Cyber is a new operational risk management service created specifically for cyber and information security risk professionals in the second line of defence.
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