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When ORX was set up our aim was simply to “provide a platform for the secure and anonymised exchange of high-quality operational risk loss data from around the world”. These days, we’re about much more than that.

Owned and driven by our members, we now bring together hundreds of operational risk professionals to share their knowledge, expertise and experience of the financial services industry.

Our aim is to help our members better manage, measure and understand operational risk. We do this through collaboration and the sharing of ideas, information and experience.

We no longer just act as a loss data exchange, we now provide a range of services and opportunities, including:

  • Organising member-led forums around the world to set the agenda
  • Forming working groups, where individuals can shape the conversation
  • Running a programme of research projects for you to get involved in
  • Developing services and toolkits to help support the work you do
  • Carrying out surveys and benchmarks to help you evidence your work

If you think your firm could benefit from ORX Membership, find out more about joining us.

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ORX is a not-for-profit industry association in the financial services sector, incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland. The association is owned and run by its members and our Articles of Association are central to the commitments made and expected of every member.

We have a Board of Directors who are the principal decision making body of ORX. The board is made up of 11 directors who are appointed for a two-year term. Nine of the directors come from our member firms, while the remaining two are independent External Directors. ​The Board is supported by a Managing Board and the ORX staff - also known as the ORX Secretariat.

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